Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Champix Dreams: Second week, Day 9

Champix Dreams!
Day 9:  4/4
Smoked 0 cigarettes.  Weight 66k.

Today was very difficult.  There were three times I almost failed. The day I quit, I had some cigarettes left.  They are super-ultra lights and some brand I am not familiar with.  I bought them because they are nasty. The bad taste was enough to make me not want to smoke.  Yesterday, my wife taped up the box and gave them to me.  She told me they were for emergency use only.

Because I have those nasty cigarettes, it would be a waste for me to buy any more.  If I did buy some, I would probably buy the ones I like and that could cause a problem.  I have read that you can smoke for the first two weeks while trying to quit, but I am trying to hold fast and be stronger.  I almost failed. I wanted to rip that tape off the pack of cigarettes and puff one down today.  Almost did, but I managed to fight off the feeling.  The strong desire often comes after I eat, and I am trying to think of some way to kill the craving.

My mood is not so great.  I feel loopy.  I am forgetting more, I am tired more, and I find myself lost in thought while working.  Many times I have snapped back to reality only to wonder what I am doing in the toilet room, why did I bring the printer into the back room, or what was the conversation I just had with my coworker. I feel like I am on autopilot.

But enough about that, here's the good stuff.

I had two dreams that I remembered this time.  One was just plain weird, while the other was probably a result of my line of questioning yesterday.

First dream:
Not sure how I got there, but I was in a bar.  The entire bar was squeaky clean, shiny and sparkly.  I was the only person besides the bar tender sitting at the bar.  There were a couple other groups of people in tables off to the sides.  Wasn't paying much attention to them.  The strange thing about this dream is the bar's location.  It was in space.  Like a bar space station.  People were docking up with it and coming in for happy hour.

Apparently I was too drunk to fly my space ship, because the bar tender, a four eyed, ridgy fore-headed, and hairy behemoth, wouldn't let me leave.  I argued with him a bit then finally decided to rent a room he offered me, then I promptly ordered another drink.


The alarm clock... dream over.  Snooze button, back to dream land.

Second Dream:
I am home.  In the room my wife and I currently use for our bedroom.  I'm doing laundry.  The bed is a waterbed instead of our mattress and my wife lay seductively on it, goading me to do something sensual.  I keep smiling at her and shaking my head. "Got to finish the laundry,"  I keep saying.  There is one sock left and no match.  I can't find the match.

Suddenly my wife, tired of waiting I guess, says "Hey!"  When I look at her, I am shocked as her face changes.  First into some ageless unknown beauty, then into an anime style big eyed cutie. I toss the sock and jump onto the bed and crawl up on top of her.  I pull off her jeans and ...


Damn! Nice timing you piece of shit alarm clock! I was so close!

Well, I'm hoping for a better dream night tonight.  I wonder how many times I can have sex in a dream before I stop taking Champix.

Have you ever had sex in a dream? Was it with your girlfriend or wife? No? Don't be shy, tell me about it.

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