Sunday, April 8, 2012

Champix Dreams: Second week, Day 13

Champix Dreams!
Day 13:  4/8
Smoked 0 cigarettes.  Weight 66k.

Six days with no cigarettes.  Sunday, I could not wake up.  I had plenty of dreams but I just didn't want to leave my bed.  I felt a little depressed, because my wife was at work and I was home alone.  I just relaxed and played some games until my wife came home.  I woke up at 1:30 pm so I slept a lot and didn't feel like doing anything else but enjoying myself.  I started a new Mass Effect 2 game so I could make my own decisions from the beginning.  Mass Effect 2 is such an awesome game!  I can't wait to play Mass Effect 3.  So I guess my outlook is good, because I have something to look forward to. 


Not feeling so great.  When I take the medicine my stomach feels nauseous and I have a hard time concentrating.  I was wide awake, but now I am drinking coffee because I am so tired.  The only interaction I had until night was with my bed and my Mass Effect 2 game so I can't say much about my mood.  Maybe I chose the renegade path in the game more often than I would have otherwise, not really sure. 

But enough of that, now to what you have been waiting for! The dreams!

long dreams today. 

1. My mother came to Japan to live with my wife and two children.  In reality, we don't have children yet.  She was like my grandmother when I was young.  Ma'ama, was my grandmother's nickname we all called her.  My mother's nickname is Mimi. Though my mother had said she would never be like my grandma, Ma'ama, she was in my dream.  She was taking care of our house and spoiling our kids.  She would buy them stuff and take them out for ice-cream... a lot.  I loved it!  It was good to see my mom, even if it was in a dream.

2. The second dream was visceral. I was writing for a stage actors troop and we were making a hospital stage drama.  After we had it all hammered out and practiced, we went to a mall hospital to perform the play.  The hospital had a shopping mall and art studios inside it.  As I was walking though the mall I came to a man sitting in the center of the walkway on a swivel office chair.  He had a long white doctors coat and dirty green scrubs.  It was Dr. Green from ER.

"Hello, do you like your printer?" He shouted at me.

I walked around him and he swiveled in his chair to keep facing me.  I told him he had really fallen from grace.  He scowled back at me.

"I sell the best printers in the world and business is good, so buy one." He told me.

I asked him if he had any 3D printers.  He scowled again and rebutted with something I didn't really understand.  I told him good luck and started to walk away. 

"A real friend would say more than good luck." Dr. Green said as I walked away.

I turned and offered to have a drink with him at the bar. There just happened to be a bar right next to his printer shop... in the mall... in the hospital... That was interesting, but more interesting, Dr. Green owned the bar and was also a bartender.  He made me a drink and said if I could guess what was in it I would know where his new summer home was built.  I thought Malibu but was wrong.  He showed me the bottle and it was something I had never heard of. Apparently he owned the entire hospital, mall and all the shops and studios inside it.  I was impressed, but still sickened by his dirty green scrubs.

Beep Beep Beep!

What the f.., ok! That was weird.

Have you ever met a celebrity in your dreams?  Which one and what happened? 

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