Thursday, April 5, 2012

Champix Dreams: Second week, Day 10

Champix Dreams!
Day 10:  4/5
Smoked 0 cigarettes.  Weight 66k.

Over all, my outlook is good. I feel ok, but I have severe cravings here and there.  Today I had my most difficult craving.  I managed to beat it back, but it hit me pretty hard.  I actually walked to my car and picked up the taped up pack of cigarettes my wife gave me for emergencies.  Luckily, the time it took me to walk to my car was long enough for me to fight the craving. In the end, I left the pack of cigarettes in the car.

I have recently been having a lot of trouble with sudden severe fatigue.  It doesn't last very long, only half an hour or so, but it really stops me from doing anything for that 30 minutes.  I have to drink an extra shot of coffee or Redbull just to keep from passing out asleep when it hits me.

 I'm feeling like I am moody, but my wife seems to think other wise.  Her and I are getting along better than we ever had.  I suppose it might help that I don't stink like cigarette smoke.  I also notice that, though I am not taking breaks to smoke during work, I am not working as quickly as I used to.  I think that will change as I get used to not being a smoker.

But enough about that, here's the good stuff.

This night, my dreams were a jumble.  It was a mess of things all rolled into one, or at least that I remember.  I remember being at bat during a baseball game. I think I was wearing a blue uniform, not too sure.  I don't remember hitting the ball but I remember being in the dugout and cheering for my other teamates.

I remember, flying in a space-ship. It was the fastest space-ship around. All silver.  I bet this one comes from my burning desire to play the new Mass Effect 3. It's an awesome sci-fi game! I played Mass Effect 1 and imported all my characters and the decisions I made into Mass Effect 2, but I have not finished Mass Effect 2 yet. As soon as I get some time to play Mass Effect 2 and finish the game, I can import my characters and decisions I made into Mass Effect 3.  I don't have to finish and import the games, but it really makes the game personal to my choices by doing so.  I hope I get time to play this week.

If you like space games, RPGs, and stories where what you do has a major effect on the outcome I highly recommend Mass Effect.  If you want to learn more and possibly buy them, please visit the below links to Amazon.  The prices are low and I get a tiny (very small) commission if you buy one or all of them.  The game is so awesome, you will thank me for telling you about it and I thank you for buying it. 

I remembered eating at a restaurant with tons of people I didn't know that kept looking at me like there was something on my face. I kept wiping my face, but they kept looking.  As soon as I looked back at them, they would turn away.  It was maddening.  haha!

No sexy stuff this time.  heh. 

Hoping for better dreams tonight. 

Are you able to remember your dreams easily?  Do you have a method of remembering your dreams that works for you?

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