Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Champix Dreams: Second week, Day 8

Day 8:  4/3
Smoked 1 cigarette.  Weight 66k.

Dreams:  First day of dreams! I'm excited!  I have not been able to remember a dream for years I would guess.  I can't remember the last dream I remember.  It's OK to laugh. Yes, I am laughing too.

Today's dream was wonderful!  I was in a house I don't remember ever seeing before.  It was summer I guess, but the seasons seemed to change from summer to fall.  The house was a two story white wood paneled home with a car park and a basketball hoop.  There was a nice green lawn to the right of the car park with stone steps leading up to the porch and doorway.  My room was on the second floor just above the door.  

I had many days in this house, and each day a new acquaintance, school mate, or friend came over.  I don't remember all the people that came, but I remember some.

One was my friend Jon Carnes.  A long time ago, we both gave up smoking weed together. During that time we became amazingly close friends.  We spent days playing Mario Kart together. Though I never smoked marijuana again, sadly, Jon couldn't stay clean.  He may blame that on me because I left for three months to live with my brother in Alaska, leaving him with no one to keep him away from drugs.

Another visitor I remembered was an acquaintance named Michelle Garret.  We went to high school together. Though, she barely knew of my existence to my knowledge. She was nice enough, and smart.  I admired her for her grades.  She was also one of only two girls in school that wore a skirt every day.  I loved those skirts. xD - I had to make sure I didn't look at her too much, though.  I didn't want to creep her out.  I Just wanted to admire.  Why was she in my dream?

Another person I remember is Trey, and for the life of me I can't remember his last name. He was a group friend of mine when I was going to college.  Group friend meaning we had a group of guys that always hung out together. Mikey (crazyman), Justin (grease knuckles), Trey, and Johnny (Bravo.) - there were more but these four were the guys I was with the most.

Mikey from the group was also in the dream. Don't remember much about what we did or the circumstances though.

I don't remember all the people that came to the house or what we did, but I remember a couple of parties.  We set up lights on the house down on the carport, drank beer and played basketball while raving to music.  So, it was an awesome dream.  Didn't get laid but for some reason I didn't have that desire in the dream anyway.  In my real life I am married. I wonder, if I have sex with a different girl in a dream, is that cheating?

I'm a bit cranky, and forgetful lately.  I am jonesing for a cigarette but I think I have the willpower to say no.  Looking forward to more interesting dreams.

Is having sex with someone other than your wife in a DREAM considered cheating?  Why or why not? Leave your answer in the comments below!

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