Friday, April 6, 2012

Champix Dreams: Second week, Day 11

Champix Dreams!
Day 11:  4/6
Smoked 0 cigarettes.  Weight 66k.

Today at work was not too difficult.  I had few cravings and was able to keep focused on what I was doing.  However, when I got home from work, the cigarette cravings hit me hard. It is such a strange hunger.  I feel like a vampire hungry for blood, but don't know I am a vampire. No matter what I eat or drink, it doesn't quench my hunger. Sweet things tend to lower my hunger for cigarettes but only temporarily, and then it often comes back stronger than before. 

In an effort to improve my health, I am going to try and eat as little sugary foods as possible.  My father quit smoking, gained a bunch of weight and had type 2 Diabetes by the time he hit 50.  I'd like to avoid that if I can.  Still have not gained any weight though, and I think that is good news.

I also have a strong desire to play some sort of sports... sadly, Japan doesn't have many facilities for that kind of thing. I miss being able to go to the park in the states with my basketball and shoot some hoops when ever I want.  The best I can get in my Japan farming town is a good jog around the rice paddies. 


What the (bleep) are you looking at?! Oh... um,  my mood is great! No problems that I am aware of.  Except for this piece of $h!1 laptop I have to restore.  It's a Japanese laptop and I don't have any Japanese software for it.  WTF!

Just kidding! It doesn't bother me.  I'm actually feeling a bit depressed because the hunger is making me feel like my life is missing something important.  Maybe this is the kind of depression some small percentage of people go through while taking Champix and other stop-smoking-drugs?  Not sure, but I think I understand.  If not for my wife's love and affection, I'd be one extremely depressed person right now.  Her support is really making this life change bearable.  Love you Ru-Rin! V (~_^V )

But enough of that, now to what you have been waiting for! The dreams!

I had many dreams last night.  Hard to remember them all because it wasn't all just one dream.  Here's what I do remember.

1. I was an intern for Mr. Miyagi.  You know, from the karate kid?  He was teaching me wax on, wax off and I had to sell his wax on and wax off products on his website.  My duties were to roundhouse anyone that came into the house without Mr. Miyagi, and to update the blog with his newest wax on, wax off products.  Yeah... didn't make much sense to me either. We also had a camera by the screen door and any time I round-housed someone it was recorded.  Later I would upload it to YouTube.  I was trying to find out what the secret ingredient was in his wax on, wax off formula, but I just couldn't figure it out.

2. I must have been traded, because suddenly I was no longer Mr. Miyagi's Intern. Maybe I woke up and fell back to sleep, but suddenly I was an intern at SourceFed. It's a YouTube channel I often watch along with Phillip Defranco. I must have been the bitch because I remember running around doing random errands for the hosts of the show. The sun went down and came back up a couple times and I kept wondering if they would ever let me get any sleep.  In the dream I wasn't tired though, and I had this feeling It was like a super power and the entire reason they had accepted me as an intern. They exploited me in the dream and I just kept going like the freeking Energizer Bunny.  Eventually I woke up from the Beep Beep Beep of my alarm, hit the snooze with a vengeance and faded back into Champix Dreamland.

3. Another space dream. This time I was landing on a weird red forest planet. I had guns strapped to my body everywhere.  I was running from one end of the planet to the other for who the (bleep) knows why. I didn't want to have to reload, so I strapped a ton of guns to my body and threw the empty guns away as I ran.  I was blasting every slimy red rock I passed like a kid pretending to shoot monsters with his monster killing gun. At the final destination was a weird liquid filled tank.  Floating inside was some naked beauty. Sadly, I couldn't see any of her lady bits, because they were amazingly, and perfectly, covered by her insanely long hair! Totally annoyed by this, I blasted the control panel on the side of the tank and it burst open - sending a flood of liquid washing over the red terrain. I splashed through the lake looking for the girl but she was gone.  Just as I cursed my bad luck, a woman's arms wrapped around my neck and she whispered seductively into my ear, "Turn off your alarm."


My wife's arms were around my shoulders and she was shaking me awake. "Shut off your alarm!" She told me.  Damn...

Being an intern for SourceFed and Phillip Defranco in my dream was insanely annoying.  Probably because I would so do anything they wanted if they would let me be an intern. In that spirit, what was the most annoying dream you ever had? 

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